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Well i really didn’t know what to expect, my first fashion show…on the designer end.  I have to thank Andrzej Makarov and his wonderful staff for putting up with my craziness and the fact that i am always running behind.  I was not sure truthfully about doing this with a new company – new to SL but everyone deserves a chance and the fact that when i first went to see the venue one of my former classmates from MODA, Alantra Benoir had just started as the hostess there and i felt good about that.  She was a big help to me.  I have to thank Angel McMullen for lining up the best group of models i have ever worked with in any show in SL.  They were patient and helpful.  Thanks to Paradise Connolly,Angelik Slade, Bety Dudek, Lileaka Magic and Rene Henly for making my clothes look so good!  I hope to have pictures of the new outfits up soon.  I didnt get any shots of the show darn it because i was so busy back stage.  This was fun – a lot of work but fun!  ANd kids, hold on to your hats – no drama! LOLOLOLOLOLOL hmm..maybe i should be knocking on a wooden prim about that LOL. More later!  I need a nap. 🙂

and now////drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday May 24th 10 am SLT
CS Fandango’s very first fashion show!
open the invitation for a LM
i will have special goodie bags with some really special gifts after the show and you all know i love to give nice gifts!
We will be having an after party on Fandango at the Cafe and the new outfits from the show will be available at that time.

Plan on attending because i WILL be sending a limo for you!

Have a great day and get in here for the sale!
oh…and i will be adding some nice things to the lucky chairs and midnight mania – keep watching!

here is the ad and the invitation

fashion show invitation copy

Christine Svenska
and the
Fashion in Look Institute
cordially invites you
to attend a
Fashion Show
Premiering the Spring collection
from the
CS Fandango Shops

Sunday, the 24th of May
at the Fashion In-Look Runway
Radical Future (51, 185, 21)

We will be featuring fashions for Spring and early Summer
Exclusive Gift bags with some very nice gifts for you
will be distributed at the end of the show.

Please join Christine for an after party at the
Cafe Fandango and of course the new
fashions will be available at her shops
just a short stroll away from the Cafe after the show.
Rumor has it there may be even more goodies waiting for you there too
but shhhhh…it’s a secret! 🙂invitation inside copyif you want a copy of the invitation please contact me in world

I truly will send my limo for you 🙂

Lots of news at CS Fandango!
First the good stuff LOL
I have just released 2 lines of casual beach wear!
As usual each outfit is choc full of accessories and all the clothes are on all possible layers!

AND…I have a very special limited time red tag sale on some of the new items.

The Paradise Collection will be regularly pried at $200L but we are having an introductory sale.

The sale is good till June 20
first we have a special dollarbie, the pink and black Orchid set

pink orchid paradise set copythen for 10 L we have the blue with red flowers

red blue paradise setand for 50 L we have the red with green palms set

red palm paradise setthe remaining 3 are 50% off

blue white paradise setgreen palm paradise setorange white paradise setI have also reased these fun beach sets:


The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy for me.  I’ve been working on the new releases AND my….to be announced today…fashion show things.  Yes I am having a show.  No it is not on Fandango 🙂 More later! But here are a few shots from the photo shoots I have been doing – yes some have been on the flickr page since last week and I had really wanted to get these out over the weekend but as i said..wow what a few nutty weeks LOL.  More to come very soon.

CS Fandango fine clothing is presented in 2 side by side main shops.  CS Fandango Casual and CS Fandango Glitter – formal, party and lingerie.  I think eventually we will combine into one big store but that is down the road. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fandango/205/54/22 While you are visiting us please feel free to roam the public areas of the islanand check out the other merchants.  There is a lot to do and see on Fandango. Bear with me while i learn to use this blog thing! LOL Ready to shop? More to come!

cs fandango shopping

cs fandango poster

They tell me I need to blog. Blog blog blog. So here we go!

I hate writing LOL – love reading – but if I think of this as talking – well…those of you who know me well know it’s hard to shut me up once I am on a roll.

Fandango – my little slice of SL. Why Fandango? Well why not. Actually the night I was ordering my sim my friends and I were sitting on the steps of the castle I was living in at the time – I still miss that thing – and we were tossing out names. I was looking more to fun rather than profound. Ran past a few names but search said they were taken. My dear now (hopefully temporarily) departed from SL friend Otter suggested Scaramouch. I loved that but 1. who would “get it”? and 2. Who could spell it? No one really had to get it but spelling is a little more important. It led us to singing Bohemian Rhapsody but Queen. One of my favorite songs. And the phrase “do the Fandango” of course came up and we were…”hey…Fandango!” Then of course we followed with “Whiter Shade of Pale”…”trip the light Fandango” ….well form all that and a look at search told us there was no sim by that name – wa la! I didn’t know till later there is a well known movie ticket company by that name – I buy my theater tickets the old fashioned way – at the door LOL. Anyway – I sent my order and not long after out of the depths of the Linden Ocean rose an Island named Fandango.

The night I got the email that my island was born was very exciting. Rushed over to the coordinates given me by LL and found myself IN the water LOL. After a frantic call to the concierge soon a Linden in an Lion avie came along and everything was ok.

We set the island on fire that night, raced cars, played on this huge flat desolate sim. It was fun.

Slowly but surely Fandango became habitable. I had a little plan in my mind how I wanted it to look but I really work better on the fly than on paper. My paper plans flew out the window eventually and Fandango just sort of evolved.

Not long after that the adjoining homestead sim became available and Spring Green was added to preserve the bay area and the docks and give us water to play in. That is Fandango at the present. Fandango and Spring Green – a little riverside village.

fandango at sunset_005

It’s been almost a year now. Fandango has gone through its phases. I always intended to set up shop for my clothing designs but those were delayed by me thinking I needed a club to attract traffic first. Boy was I wrong! LOL The Café Fandango was fun, it did ok but omg the work, the drama, the money pit! And it left me NO time to create clothing. Hard lesson learned and while the Café Fandango is still there and always will be a part of the village it is used for parties and will be used for special events. I occasionally find people in there dancing to the music and hanging out and that’s great. That’s what it’s there for.


Soon the island of Fandango will be getting a huge overhaul. I never thought I would need more room in my shops but I certainly do! The way things are set up now the navigation around the village is a little wonky and it certainly could flow better. I don’t ever want Fandango Village to be just a mall – we actually hang out there from time to time – sipping virtual coffee – having virtual muffins (just click on the tables over by my main shops). We’ve spent some Sunday mornings shooting ourselves from a cannon I rezz for those occasions in Imagine Park and tossing penguins. (oh stop it you animal lovers, the penguins love it). So anyway we are overdue for a face lift. The “look” and “feel” of the island will remain. It will just (hopefully!) be much better. Please feel free to visit us and do it early and often LOL just bear with us when the construction starts. My plan is to build it off island on a platform then rezz it in place all the same day but we shall see. Part of the island is private residential with most of the residents having come to the island in the beginning with Christine. Land openings are rare there, always have been and have become even more rare as Christine has had to expand more and more of the island to accommodate her shops. People come to the island and don’t want to leave LOL. Maybe some day we will have a Fandango 2? Or an East Fandango or West Fandango? Who knows.

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